My family…

Starting a blog has never appealed to me before now. Our lives have been turned upside down recently and an outlet for my thoughts is much needed!

I am married to Mr. Mashiter, proud mummy to two beautiful children, and a loving cat owner to my handsome little fur ball. 

I trained in social work, but took the opportunity to stay at home with my son whilst I could, after a brief stint doing admin for family.

My husband has asked that I don’t blog about him, so respecting his wishes (as much as possible) I’ll be mainly talking about myself, my children and the cat will certainly crop up at some point 🙂 

As you will see, our lives have been irrevocably changed by recent events and I am certainly not the same person I was a week ago..


3 thoughts on “My family…

  1. Hello x I realised you haven’t blogged for a while. I wonder whether you’re on the next step of the journey like us. It’s still very hard. Eleri will be 1 in a few days. Lots of mixed feelings about the next step. Still thinking of you and Ivy xx


    • Hello 🙂
      I don’t blog at all really now do I! I found it really useful in the beginning when it was all so raw, but as time has gone on (8 months now) Ive not needed to.
      I guess it’s the way I’ve dealt with what happened & although Ivy is never far from my mind, I’m well & truly looking forward – better for the soul 🙂

      Sending you strength and love for the upcoming anniversary. Are you marking the occasion, or having a quiet day?
      Me and the husband will be spending the day together – just don’t know what to do for it yet!

      I might pick the blog back up again as we progress with another pregnancy – it annoys me that we have to do it all again, but it will be a different experience because it’ll be a different baby.. It’ll be my mission to enjoy any future pregnancy because that new baby deserves all of the joy and excitement I had with Ivy 🙂

      Sorry for the essay.. If you ever need somebody to talk to about the next steps I’m all ears!
      I’ll email you my email address just incase you don’t want to talk on such a public forum 🙂


      • We had a family get together on her birthday with cupcakes. Close friends and family sent us some ‘normal’ pink 1st birthday cards – they were beautiful. Evan enjoyed opening them and celebrating his baby sister’s birthday with his cousins. It was harder than DH and I anticipated – reliving each step, willing something to change so she would survive. But the day she died was easier than I thought it would be – I realised we’d been coping with this day every day for the past year.

        Let us know how Ivy’s birthday goes too in July. Take care
        💙💖💙🌈 xx


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