Recovery after emergency C-Section

To recover from a section is hard. To recover from a section that didn’t result in you taking your precious baby home, is harder.
I’m just over a week post-op & this is my recovery so far…

Day 1

I was hooked up to Morphine so felt pretty numb for those initial 16hours. I kept pressing the button in the hope that it would take away the pain, & for my physical pain it did just that.
My lovely midwife, Leigh, encouraged me to sleep but I told her the reason I was resisting so hard was because I didn’t want tomorrow to come. It was all still a bit surreal and I didn’t want to acknowledge what had happened to my baby girl.

Days 2 & 3

I was up and moving, but it was very sore and uncomfortable. I couldn’t get out of my bed (it was a low bed in a special room for parents of poorly babies) so had to have my husband or midwife pull me up. When I moved from sitting to standing I had to take a moment to adjust before beginning to move. Sitting on the toilet was even uncomfortable because the seat felt so big and naturally I used my tummy muscles to support myself.

I had to have daily injections in my belly to reduce the risk of clots and they really stung!
I woke up with heavy boobs and knew that my milk would soon be coming in, milk I would never need. At my request my midwife gave me some tablets to prevent it coming in, which were thankfully effective.
I asked for some sleeping pills strong enough to knock me out for the night, and they prescribed tramadol which was scarily effective. I had hallucinations for around ten seconds when I closed my eyes and then woke up 8 hours later.

Days 4 & 5

Small improvements every day. Sitting on the toilet wasn’t as painful, but I still struggled getting out of bed. These two days were.

Day 6

Definitely feeling better each day that passes. It was Ivy’s funeral so I was very emotional and moved about more than I had done previously. Pain was minimal really.

Day 7

I rested for most of the day & my midwife visited. My blood loss had increased slightly due to the increase in activity but soon settled again.

I’d removed the pad covering my wound before the midwife arrived so she could check that healing was going well. Oddly enough I seem to have two lines, one obviously my section wound and another about a cm above with dimples at each end. When I removed the dressing there were parts of skin that were quite numb; I’m hoping that most of the sensation returns.

Day 8

Which leads us to today.

I’m much more agile and no longer hunched over when I first stand. I can sleep on my side, and get myself out of bed quite easily. I don’t immediately notice if I forget to take pain relief, but take it as soon as I remember just to stay on top of it.

Hopefully the next time I’m recovering from a section I’ll have a precious baby to keep me occupied 🙂


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