Dexter the cat

Meet Dexter. 

This photo is from when he was a kitten last year, and was small enough to snuggle around my neck.  This is also the same time period that my lovely leather bed was subject to his sharp kitty claws, my lamp shade finally gave way due to his almost incessant need to stand on it with his front two paws, and when I was trying to keep Dex safe from my toddler (and vice versa!).


He’s since grown into a beautiful young cat who is incredibly affectionate and loving. Since I’ve been home he’s tried climbing on my belly every day, and I feel awful pushing him away for fear he puts a paw in the wrong place. Once I’m recovered I’ll make up for all of our lost cuddles, although he does often sleep snuggled beside me so it’s not all bad! 


Quick flashback to his kitty days again when he was known by the name Rosie. I can’t believe I almost forgot this part of his life story haha! I had wanted a female companion to level the male/female ratio that was currently skewed in my household.
I had asked for a female cat, and to be shown only lady cats, from which we picked our new addition 🙂 Only to informed by the vet a couple of weeks later that our little lady’s boy bits well and truly existed. 

So Rosie became Dexter.

Although Dex wasn’t what I had initially anticipated, I wouldn’t change him for the world.

He’s lush. And he knows it.


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