Damn that cleaner!

Dropping off little man at nursery for the afternoon and there’s a cute baby in a pram at the entrance (mum must have been dropping off her little one upstairs)..

I could hear the cleaner talking about the style of pram – and I couldn’t help but coo over this gorgeous little boy who grasped my finger tight and stared at me whilst I told him what a cutie he was πŸ™‚

Cleaner, god bless her soul, asked me if it was my pram.

I replied, ‘no, but I wish it was’.

Painful. Very painful.


7 thoughts on “Damn that cleaner!

  1. That must’ve been gut wrenching! Am sending you lots of love.
    I have thought about you a lot the past few days. Thank you for your blog as it allows us to check on how you and your family are doing. You are an inspiration. Take care xx

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  2. Wow – I still don’t think I could even go over to a pram just yet. Actually i know I couldn’t, I’ve been avoiding them on the school run. Especially hard is seeing the same pram as us. You’ve taken such huge steps already! Be so so proud of all the things you are managing to do X

    My SIL has started her blog too –

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    • It’s hard isn’t it. I’m surprisingly okay around others and their babies, but what affects me is that most people don’t know the pain and loss that I’ve recently experienced. I want people to know that I’ve been through hard times and that my life hasn’t been rosy. I struggle more with that, which is weird.

      Thank you for the link – I sat crying whilst reading it 😦
      Sending love your way xx


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