October 15th

This time last year infant loss awareness week wasn’t on my radar, and October 15th was just an ordinary day. But this year is different. 2014 will always be remembered as the year I lost a child..

Tonight I am remembering my daughter, Ivy Florence.
I miss her everyday.


5 thoughts on “October 15th

  1. 2014 is the year I lost my grand daughter and my daughter suffered an unimaginable loss, losing her precious baby girl. Life can be so cruel. So proud of you Manda, every day I think of you and Ivy. I wish I could make things better for you, Dave and Theo.


  2. My tears just cannot stop running for you and Ivy, Amanda. Thinking of you so intensely, most times just before I go to sleep, this time early morning hours, my tears have soaked my pillow. We came too close to losing Yanni, waiting for him to come out of 9 hour surgery straight after birth, not knowing if he’d be able to grow as surgeons had prepared us for that probability. You and Ivy have marked my heart forever. I miss you. You are in my prayers. Always xx


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