Almost 10 months on from Ivy’s death – new additions & 10ks..

Not updated this blog in a while so guess it’s overdue!

Its almost 10 months since Ivy died – can’t believe how fast the time has gone! Since then we’ve added a new cat to our family – DeeDee, an adorable 4 month old kitten who has an incredible amount of attitude with an obsession for pipe cleaners! Poor Dex is constantly jumped on but we catch them rolling around together often so he clearly loves having a play friend (most of the time!).

My son has been allocated his school place for September so that’ll be an exciting transition for us later this year – eeekk

Our family unit seems more on point thanever πŸ™‚ which brings me on to my next update.. I’m pregnant!

We are expecting a baby BOYΒ in October and cannot wait to see his little face.. We had a scan a few days ago and we’ve got a fab picture of him sucking both of his thumbs with his ankles crossed at the bottom.. It’s adorable..

So here’s hoping that all goes well this time!

But not to forget Ivy – my mum & sister are running a 10k race tomorrow in her memory with proceeds going towards the charity ‘Friends of Serenity’. If you can/want to sponsor them please follow the attached link which gives you a little more info.

Thanks Mum & Sis πŸ™‚


21 thoughts on “Almost 10 months on from Ivy’s death – new additions & 10ks..

  1. Oh honey, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to read this!! I’ve been waiting to hear this news for so long!! Huge congratulations to you and your family.
    Will get off and donate for your little lady. I think of you and get often. Much love, Michelle.xx


  2. Ahh Amanda – im so so happy for you!

    Been thinking of you lately and wondered when you would get some good news x


  3. So happy to finally hear from you and congratulations on your news. Hoping you have a happy pregnancy and looking forward to hearing the birthing story in October xx


  4. Congratulations lovely – that is good news. And would you believe it – both of us too. 3 rainbow boys after our 3 angel girls. I’m sure you are probably feeling the same as we do xxx Our second son is due in July, our nephew in Aug. It’s our niece’s 1st birthday on Sat, her angelversary. Email me as you said before – it will be lovely to keep in touch and hear more.
    Take care C, Lou xxx

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  5. Me again sweetie. Hope you’re doing ok. Us girls would like to send you something, would you mind emailing me your address? Or sending to me via FB messenger? Lots of love.xx


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